High Quality Light(Vestrulite series) can provide a palette of colors with high quality lumen output. Ideal for premium market applications which require unique color points with specific color gamut indices to create a welcoming ambience.  The quality of light positively impacts behavior, satisfaction, healthcare and wellbeing, by providing an exceptional visual experience that evokes the natural perception of light.


The new SMD 2835 LED source has been designed to achieve high CRI (Color Rendering Index) and high luminous efficacy simultaneously. This innovative SMD 2835 is optimized for applications where high efficacy and smooth appearances are critical and are expected to work reliably in high-standard lighting conditions.


The Veralite LEDs provide saturated and authentic color based on TM-30-15 standard. Veralite is our state of the art color line designed specifically for premium applications, producing unmatched LED light quality with brilliant color-rendering options. Light and color are powerful mediums that influence experience and well-being, and Veralite offers pleasing lighting palettes that are inspiring.



CRI 80
CRI 90
CRI 95




Acculite-High CRI 95 and high efficacy 140lm/w simultaneously.

Veralite-Extrem true color(Applicable to TM-30-15).

Vestralux lets you enjoy seeing better colors



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