Full spectrum light

  • Natural light has a full spectrum. Based on the existence of evolution reasoning, the light of the solar spectrum is the most ideal artificial lighting light source. Artificial lighting can satisfy people's visional illumination needs, but the indoor lighting lacks sections of spectrum which exist in the full spectrum natural light, this will cause some gradual health problems, and fail to meet people's both physiological and psychological needs as well. Learn more
  • Vestralux offers healthy lighting solutions for those who seek natural light for their office, work or home environment in the day.
  • Our body clocks evolved under shifting, changing light from the sun. Vestralux has created a new category of light - Dynamic lighting that shifts to mimic sunlight throughout the day and controlled by smart timing systems that track time of day, season of the year and even latitude & longitude.
  • The intelligent lighting systems would know the location and season where they are located, and other critical parameters to vary the dosage of bioactive blue content to maximize productivity during the day, eliminate circadian disruption, optimize health, and maintain efficiency to qualify energy rebates.
  • It would also produce crisp white light that would permit optimal working conditions and productivity while varying bioactive blue light content based on the time of day. The ideal lighting fixture would boost bioactive blue light component in the morning to set the circadian clock and maintain preferred levels during the rest of the day to maximize productivity.
  • Light dynamically shifts, matching the sun's changing color temperature and intensity throughout the day with high quality, tunable white light, pastels and saturated colors and full spectrum light.

Natural day changes in color and intensity throughout the day, perfectly mimicking the shifting quality of sunlight.

  • 90% of our day is spent indoors, surrounded by static lighting systems and screens rather than natural light. That’s a problem. Light, and especially natural shifts in light, is the number one component in setting our body clocks. Unnatural static light has been shown to disrupt our circadian rhythms, our sleeping patterns, and heighten our risk of serious health conditions.
  • Healthy light is bright during the day to energize our minds and set our body clocks. Studies show that bright morning light is correlated to improved mood, productivity, and even sleep quality. Morning light plays a vital role in stimulating the release of cortisol, which prepares us for periods of activity.
  • Artificial lighting is substantially dimmer than sunlight and provides a very different spectral irradiance. Sunlight is strong at all visible wavelengths, peaking in the yellow region, whereas electric lighting has either extreme characteristic wavelength peaks (fluorescent) or exhibits a monotonic increase in irradiance as wavelengths (incandescent). In contrast to outdoor lighting conditions, much of the modern world now lives and works in relatively dim light throughout the day in isolation from the sun, even for those who live and work in sunny environments.

Vestralux makes everyday sunshine



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