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About Us

Vestralux is dedicated to high quality, healthy lighting. Vestralux is a brand owned by Wuxi SeniorLED illumination engineering & research center, In association with Jiangnan University, faculty of Science. We are mainly focused on well-being lighting and special high end LED source development. Major products include Low Wavelength light LED sources with high CRI and high efficiency simultaneously and our Sunlight simulated and Special waveband LED sources for grow lighting.

Specialists of healthy LED production

Vestralux, focusing on special and professional LEDs sources, actively dedicated to healthy lighting.

Zero complaints with higher quality

Vestralux will help you build your brand with innovative, reliable and higher quality products.

Competitive pricing

High performance and competitive costs, with a rapid go-to-market timeframe.

The accuracy of lead time up to 94.38%

High CRI 95 and high luminous efficacy 140lm/w simultaneously

Color tolerance no more than 5

6 invention patents of light source

Our Team

Rocky Ma


Wei Wang

General Manager

Guoqing Chen


Chaoqun Ma


Our mission