About Us

Vestralux is a brand owned by Wuxi SeniorLED illumination engineering & Research center In Association with Jiangnan University, faculty of Science. We are mainly focused on well-being lighting and special high end LED source development. Major products include low wavelength light LED sources with High CRI and high efficiency simultaneously. Sunlight simulated LED source and Special waveband LED source for grow lighting.
Vestralux is dedicated to high quality, healthy lighting.

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Why Choose Us?

  • Vestralux, focusing on special and professional LED sources

    Innovative high quality LEDs, with premium market applications, to improve system value and deliver better lighting without compromising performance or reliability.

  • Vestralux - Dedication to healthy lighting

    Vestralux has created a new category of light -
    Dynamic light, which shifts throughout the day to mimic sunlight. The light dynamically changes to matching the sun's varying color temperatures throughout the day with high quality, tunable white light, pastels and saturated colors.

  • R&D efforts

    Vestralux illumination engineering & research center is supported by Jiangsu Light Photoelectric Engineering Technology Research Center of Jiangnan University. The main research objectives include: photoelectric devices and systems; photoelectric functional materials and devices; optical information and optical communication technologies; advanced spectral and imaging technologies and their applications to realize the civilian use of new photoelectric technologies, and to establish a public service system platform for the light photoelectric industry.
    In recent years, Vestralux illumination engineering & research center has made groundbreaking achievements in LED lighting source technologies, blue light controlling and more.

    At present, there are 10 academic leaders on our team and more than 50 R & D personnel (including over 20 personnel with high professional titles. The present office space is 350 square meters and our laboratory area is over 1,000 square meters.

  • Strict QC progress and high product performance

    Our stringent quality control processes covers every step of production; from the raw materials all the way to the finished products. This ensures our customers are always satisfied with the excellent standard of their LED order.

Healthy Light

For the Day

Vestralux has created a new category of lighting - Dynamic Light, which shifts to mimic sunlight throughout the day, controlled by smart timing systems that track time of day, season of the year as well as latitude & longitude.

The intelligent lighting systems would know the location and season in which they are located, along with other critical parameters to vary the dosage of bioactive blue content to maximize productivity during the day, eliminating circadian disruption, optimize health, and maintain efficiency to qualify energy rebates.

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For the Night

Vestralux brings healthy light indoors, providing blue-depleted light to avoid exposure to the harmful effects of blue light at night.

Most energy efficient lights today, have a substantial downside health risk in operation at night, because of the high bio-active blue wavelength content.

Exposure to the blue wavelengths of light during evening hours (or pre-sleep hours for shift workers) suppresses the release of melatonin and disrupts sleep (especially restorative sleep) and circadian rhythms.

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Smart Light


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